the importance of a website

Your website forms the centre of all of your digital marketing initiatives. We will set you up with a clean, modern, mobile-friendly website.

We can create your WordPress website whether you want an online brochure, to upgrade your blog, a landing page or even a corporate e-commerce site. We can help you without breaking the bank.

Once we’ve had our initial meetings and got to know your brand well, we can bring your dream to life and help establish your brand. We can also set up your business emails.

We ask questions, and we get to know your brand. We build websites that represent your brand and most importantly, provide results. Your website is often the face of your brand, so it’s important to get it right!

We can also with your product images for your website. Check out our photography page here.  

Your site should be your best salesperson and can often do more things, at more affordable pricing than what you might have thought. Automation is the future and we want to set you up with a small business solution that captures that, without breaking the banks.


Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

SEO is a structured approach to increasing the position of a company or its products in search engines, such as Googles, natural or organic results listings for selected key phrases. Search engines try to match search queries to the corresponding content. This is done through the use of keywords. When someone types a query into Google using one or two keywords, Google will display results that match the query. You want to be on top.

When we build your website, we keep SEO in mind and will make sure we have given your website the best chance to rank no.1, this doesn’t happen overnight, but we give your site a fighting chance.

Websites we have built

Black Flamingo Studio 

Wardkiss Hardware

Make It Happen 

Ash Eliza Davis

Phoebe & Knox 

Hardware Cafe


What if I want to edit my website myself?

Because we understand the importance of saving and cutting costs, we can train you to update your site so that you don’t need to be paying us. We know you have better things to spend your money on. We can teach you to update your store hours, write blog posts and update images. However, if you would prefer, we can also run your sites.

Who does all the copywriting for my website?

You do. You know your business better than we do and so it makes sense that you can tell the written story behind your brand and set the tone. We will, however, edit your work – the more eyes over the work the better but you don’t want our interpretation of your business. We do know a handful of incredible copywriters who would be able to help you should you wish. 

How much are your websites?

Website prices vary depending on your needs, such as how many pages, the type of website (blog/ e-commerce/ bookings website), how many features you want and the time frames. Our websites typically start at $1500 for simple sites and can go to $4000. For more complicated sites such as e-commerce for medium-sized businesses, you’re starting around $4000. For large companies it depends on the number of products and what’s required, we would need to look at each job individually. 

How does hosting work?

We offer website hosting when we build your site. We organise and maintain your domain registration, monthly hosting and emails and there are individual monthly packages we can discuss depending on your needs.